FIGSS Seminar

FIGSS Seminar

The interdisciplinary FIGSS Seminar takes place during the semester every Monday from 11:30-13:00. The doctoral students of the graduate school have the opportunity to present and discuss their research results. From time to time, external speakers are also invited.

Winter semester 2020/21

Due to Covid 19, the seminar will not be held in the Faculty Lunge this semester, but online

In addition to the scientific presentations, there will be a short talk on a FIAS specific topic on each date. Patricia is happy to receive suggestions for this. 


Winter semester 2018/19

The FIGSS seminars during the winter semester 2018/19


Summer semester 2018

The FIGSS seminars during the summer semester 2018.


Winter semester 2017/18

The FIGSS seminars during the winter semester 2017/18.